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Anchorage Drug Crime Attorney

Alaska authorities aggressively prosecute all manner of drug crimes, from trafficking to simple possession of a small amount of illegal drugs. Even a conviction on a misdemeanor drug charge can result in the loss of your job or more serious consequences.

At The Law Offices of Natasha Norris in Anchorage, we defend clients against a wide variety of drug-related charges in state and federal courts.

We have an investigative team that will interview witnesses, pore through police reports for inconsistencies and conduct our own tests on evidence to ensure that the government meets its burden of proof. In instances where authorities confiscated drugs after an illegal stop or during an illegal search, we have been able to get the charges dismissed.

Aggressive Defense For Those Charged With Drug Possession In Juneau, Alaska

Our experienced drug crimes attorney can answer your questions on any drug charges you may face, including:

  • Sale or possession of marijuana
  • Cocaine offenses, including crack cocaine
  • Methamphetamine charges
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Prescription drug charges

We understand how frightening criminal charges can be. Our top priority is to limit the impact that any drug charge has on your life. We have negotiated reduced sentences for many of our clients by agreeing to their enrollment in a drug treatment program.

Attorney Norris' experience as a state prosecutor for five years allows her to accurately estimate a likely outcome and anticipate the state's approach. This allows her to negotiate from a position of strength and resolve many cases without the need for litigation. If a fair agreement cannot be reached, however, she is a trial-tested attorney who will go to court to protect your rights.

We can review the facts of your case and provide a straightforward assessment during an initial consultation. Call 800-395-5576 or email us to schedule an appointment with our experienced Anchorage drug crime lawyer.

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