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Anchorage Assault Charge Lawyer

A disagreement can quickly escalate and before you know it, you're in handcuffs and facing assault charges. Assault is one of the more common charges encountered in Alaska courts. These charges stem from a variety of incidents, including domestic disputes, bar fights, road rage and altercations with police.

The fact that assault charges are common does not make them any less serious. If you have been charged with assault of any kind, you face a possible jail sentence and a permanent criminal record, which can have long-term consequences on your career and family life.

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At The Law Offices of Natasha Norris in Anchorage, Alaska, we offer experienced representation in a wide variety of assault and battery charges, including domestic assault.

Attorney Norris reviews every aspect of the police report carefully, but conducts her own thorough investigation of any incident as well in order to ensure that every witness has been interviewed and every detail has been uncovered. Our experience has shown us that if reports from witnesses or alleged victims are inconsistent, the state's case can quickly fall apart.

Juneau Domestic Violence Attorney

If police respond to a report of domestic abuse occurring during an argument, it's highly likely that an arrest will be made. Even if the accuser chooses not to press charges, the state may decide to pursue matters on its own. Many times, the accuser may have exaggerated his or her story in the original report, resulting in someone who is wrongly accused.

Domestic violence cases are sensitive matters. A good domestic abuse defense attorney knows how to properly interact with the witness in court — how to ask the right questions while remaining respectful and protective of everyone's rights.

We are a leading Alaska law firm with a reputation for favorable results in even the most complex and high-stakes defenses. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation in which we can review the facts of your assault case and recommend the best course of action.

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