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Anchorage Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing criminal charges is a frightening ordeal. There's no way around that, but the best way to put yourself in a position to minimize the impact that criminal charges will have on your life is to retain the services of a uniquely qualified criminal defense attorney who is passionately committed to her clients.

At The Law Offices of Natasha Norris, we represent residents throughout Alaska against the full scope of criminal charges, from DUI and assault to sex offenses, drug crimes and homicide. While our office is in Anchorage, we have earned a strong reputation around the state. We represent many clients via long-distance telephone court appearances or by traveling when necessary.

Our law firm is led by attorney Natasha Norris, who worked as a state prosecutor for five years before beginning criminal defense work, as a public defender, in 2006. Her role on the "other side" of criminal cases provides her valuable insights into the methods that state prosecutors use to shape their cases. She is able to accurately determine how prosecutors are likely to approach the case, how strong their case is and what constitutes a fair settlement.

Juneau Sex Offense Lawyer

During Ms. Norris' stint as a state prosecutor, she worked on numerous sex crimes and received extensive training on how to investigate these crimes. That training now benefits our clients who are accused of sex offenses, which is vital because of the significant sentences in Alaska for anyone convicted of a sex offense.

We have the exclusive investigative services of a retired Alaska State Trooper (who just happens to be Ms. Norris' father). When necessary, he provides our clients with a unique and important set of investigative skills that to our knowledge cannot be duplicated by other defense attorneys in Alaska.

Our clients are assured of working with Ms. Norris from the initial consultation through the resolution of the case. Ms. Norris' experience as a prosecutor assists her in negotiating with the state, but she is also a trial-tested attorney who will go to court in pursuit of a fair outcome if one cannot be reached through negotiations.

We have extensive experience in both rural settings and the state's largest cities. That is another important distinction between our firm and other defense attorneys. A criminal defense lawyer who does not understand the unique aspects of rural Alaskan communities may find it challenging to relate to juries, prosecutors and local law enforcement authorities in those areas.

Do Not Delay In Contacting Our Experienced Anchorage Criminal Defense Lawyer

Time is a critical component in many criminal defense strategies. It is critical that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible in order to begin a timely investigation and careful preparation of your defense strategy. Call 800-395-5576 or use our contact form to tell us more about your case and schedule a consultation.

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